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"Extremely helpful.  I had a huge problem with ants and a minor problem with spiders at my home. Ask the Bug Man came out and took care of the problem. They used pet-friendly chemicals and said they would come out whenever I needed them to. They were very professional and answered all my questions and concerns. I will not use any other company."

"I was seeing carpenter ants on my backyard deck and knew I needed to take care of them.  Unfortunately, the last time this had happened, I'd ended up calling a big pest control company with a staff of what turned out to be salespeople.  They sold me a 'package' I wasn't sure I really needed.  So I was relieved this time, having selected Dave on Angie's List because of his good reviews there, to find the phone answered by a real pest control guy rather than a salesman.  Dave sent his son Dylan out to do the spraying, which took care of the carpenter ants.  And it cost less than a third of what I'd paid the other company."

"I kept hearing an animal scratching underneath my home. I called Dave based upon comments from Angie's List. Dave returned my message within just a few minutes. He was on the road between jobs and indicated he'd call back later to set an exact time. He also asked questions regarding the animal I'd heard. We set up for the following day, and he came near the beginning of our agreed-upon time window. Once he saw the situation, he suggested alternatives for dealing with the problem and explained rat behavior and why they'll continually make scratching sounds. He presented the alternatives of poison or traps, and asked whether I would feel comfortable setting traps myself. Since I was okay with setting the traps, we didn't pursue the alternative. Dave gave me two traps and told me where to place them and how to bait them. He also gave me some advice about dealing with gophers and voles. I was amazed that he would travel all that distance for no fee at all, because he didn't charge me for the traps or his advice, and I live a good half-hour from Eugene. I consider this a very positive experience."

"I needed help with spiders in and around my home. My husband is on oxygen and sensitive to chemicals, and they provided service with environmentally friendly chemicals and solved my problems."

Ask the Bug Man is a pest control company based Eugene, Oregon.  We do all types of pest extermination,
pest control, treatment and fumigation.  We employ green practices and our pest control prices are reasonable.
Serving Eugene, Springfield, Florence, Salem and Roseburg.